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Online Commercial Credit Reports

Find out why so many businesses turn to Lumbermens for their commercial credit reports. The livelihood of your business relies on smart lending. If the companies you extend credit to are defaulting or have diminishing credit, you increase your risk when lend to them. Knowing who you extend credit to will help you stay abreast of business loans.

What companies benefit from obtaining commercial credit reports?

All companies that extend credit or do not get paid COD will benefit from commercial credit reports. Performing a risk assessment on all of the companies you work with is vital to the wellbeing of your business. A new vendor or supplier naturally carries a higher level of risk when you extend credit to them. That risk grows larger if the company is associated with owners who are known to carry bad debt with other companies. Our commercial credit reports dive deeper than the company, and can look for additional companies affiliated with the people behind them.

What is a Lumbermens Online Credit Report?

Get all of the information you need on the companies you extend credit to — all online. Once you are a Lumbermens member, you get instant access to our online portal once you sign in. Lumbermens online credit reports include credit ratings, payment trends, age of the business, ownership and affiliations, and much more.

It is also important to stay vigilant with the companies you work with. The financial health of a company ebbs and flows, and knowing how it performs on a weekly or monthly basis is important to keeping your cash flow healthy. Our credit reports offer insight on the companies you work with so you can stay ahead.

Know more about the companies you extend credit to. Get the right information.

Risk goes as high as you allow it. Have more control over the risk for new contractors, suppliers and partners by knowing their up-to-date credit history. Easily access credit reports for thousands of companies through our online portal.


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Freshly Investigated Credit Reports

You need the most recent information to make an informed decision. You can rely on the experts at Lumbermens to provide you with credit information you can count on.

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Risk Assessments Without the Risk

Credit reports should tell the whole story. Lumbermens provides complete credit information on your customers, including credit rating, date of creation, payment trends and more. All to reduce your risk.

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Be the First to Know

Our exclusive partnerships mean you get credit information on the businesses you lend to before you would with any of our competitors. Only available to Lumbermens members.

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Credit Ratings Without The Jargon

Get the full story that the numbers are telling. Lumbermens includes a Rating Guideline with every credit report. It includes an interpretation of the report along with an explanation you can refer to.

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