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Don’t let history repeat itself. You get access to our entire online credit database when you become a Lumbermens member. Browse thousands of companies and get instant access to their credit information. Our team of commercial credit experts are on standby, ready to add any business you can’t find on our constantly growing list.

What is a credit database?

Simply put, a credit database is a catalogue of credit reports that have already been pulled against companies. It allows you instant access to the most recent credit report that has been ordered. We categorize based on date, so you can easily scan and select the business and credit report that you would like to view.

Is every Canadian business in your credit database?

We do our best to keep our database up to date with the most recent credit information on businesses across Canada. However, there may be the odd time that you can’t find the company you are looking for, and that’s where our credit experts come in. You can easily order a credit report on any business without leaving our portal. This provides you with a streamlined service without any extra hassle.

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Quick Access
to Credit Reports

We have countless credit reports on companies across Canada. You can easily navigate our online database using our simple search tools. Our staff is always available to help you find the credit report you need.

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Use Credits to Pull
Online Credit Reports

We’ve made it even easier for our members to pull credit reports through our online database. You can quickly purchase credits to use for your purchases, and quickly top them up whenever you would like.

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Track Credit
Report History

The credit reports found on our online database are time stamped so you know you’re receiving the most recent report on file.

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24/7 Access to
Our Online Credit Database

As a member, you will always have access to our online database. Whether you’re working early or working late, you can count on getting the credit information you need, when you need it.

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Don’t let their risk become your risk

Our credit database helps you make increased lending risks history

Our database houses credit data on businesses across Canada. Lumbermens members are provided quick access to our database through our online portal. Put the right information at your fingertips today.

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