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Manage credit risks with weekly lien & legal bulletins

Make informed credit decisions with Lumbermens credit reports

Lumbermens has been in continuous operation since 1915 providing credit information to members for over 100 years.

Reporting on commercial businesses throughout North America and offering specialized construction credit reporting and commercial credit reporting products, based on up to date data, we place our members in the best position to manage credit risk. Information collected by real time investigation, and through our database allows Lumbermens Credit Group to provide a comprehensive range of services.

Our members have improved their receivables risk and days sales outstanding through informed credit decisions using our reporting services.

Markets and the economy change quickly and clients must know about past due accounts from last month end, or the NSF cheque yesterday or the de-registration of a company last week not the prior years information or 90 days later. A strong viable business six months ago can fail tomorrow as technology, currencies, regulations, and demand changes faster today than ever before in history.

Our services facilitate our clients’ credit application and account review process by providing the latest real time quality information, thereby significantly reducing credit application fraud and relying on older information often suffered by clients relying on database credit reporting companies whose information is often dated. Credit Window provides access to real time payment data about a client’s customers. E-Groups will automate credit groups and provide a new generation of instant credit reporting resources to clients.

Why do North America’s largest companies use Lumbermens credit reports?

  • To reduce their bad debt losses.
  • They want reports with information — not only a score.
  • They require credit applications to be verified.
  • To know what a company’s credit trends are today, not what they were six months or a year ago.

Credit products and services include:

  • Credit application investigation providing real-time commercial credit reporting.
  • Credit scoring
  • Online credit reports
  • Access to payment data through Credit Window.
  • Corporate searches
  • Construction lien searches
  • Legal claims
  • Lien data
  • Lien registrations
  • Principal reports
  • Insolvency searches
  • Weekly and online lien information.
  • Registration searches under the PPSA or UCC and credit seminars.

Know your clients


We recommend that all clients obtain credit applications to ensure they know their clients well.

Our clients send us their application and we immediately go to work to prepare a full credit risk report including bank and trade references, legal data, registration status, background, affiliates, principals & officers, and provide a full report with a credit score and summarized payment data.

We provide an online report instantly while we research the report and obtain as much industry information as possible.

Credit application verification

Industry information


You can still order an investigated business credit report where there is no credit application but there is a need for as much information as possible. We provide an online risk report instantly while we update the report and obtain as much industry information as possible.

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Credit Risk Report