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Lumbermens Collection Services

Lumbermens Collection Services

Maintaining cash flow is critical to your success. When your clients can’t make payments, it is your business that struggles. Lumbermens Collection Services work to protect the financial well-being and reputation of your organization by helping recover your overdue accounts.

Supporting Businesses Through COVID‑19

Many Canadian organizations have experienced massive setbacks due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Now more than ever, businesses need to pay close attention to their account receivables and cash flow. Having a strong receivable presence allows your company to keep moving forward, no matter what comes your way.


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Debt Collection that Maintains your Cash Flow…and Relationships

Commercial debt collection requires an experienced team that knows how to make collections without making the customer feel uncomfortable. We like to call that the art of debt collection. You can rely on us to treat your customers with respect and dignity, while ensuring that they pay what is owed to you.

Lumbermens Collection Service uses proven collection tactics.

Lumbermens Collection Process

How Our Debt Collection Process Works

You provide information on your past-due customers. We work to collect the payments for you. It’s simple!

We work on a pre-negotiated contingency rate.

  • No upfront charges.
  • You pay once money is collected and returned to you.

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Part of Lumbermens Credit Group

Lumbermens Credit Group offers credit reporting and commercial credit reporting products based on up-to-date risk data. We place our members in the best position to manage risk. Lumbermens provides a comprehensive range of services using information collected through real-time investigation and our proprietary database.


Trusted Management, Reliable Services

Accounts receivable management requires the utmost care when handling data, ensuring overall security and communicating with customers. Our organization upholds stringient standards to protect your brand, and your customers’ security.

We follow and are audited by third parties on the following international standards:

Intertek ISO9001

ISO 9001:2015 – Quality Management

Ensures a minimum standard of quality, with an emphasis on meeting client expectations, and maximizing satisfaction. For more information on ISO 9000 – Quality Management, visit

Intertek ISO27001

ISO 27001:2013 – Information Security

Ensures a minimum standard of security, including the management of financial information, intellectual property, and third-party information (client, customer, employee, etc.). For more information on ISO 27000 – Quality Management, please visit

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