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Account Monitoring, Delivered Daily

Lumbermens Account Monitoring allows you to keep track of businesses that need extra attention. Mitigate unnecessary risk with daily notifications on key accounts delivered straight to your email. If a company you deal with is involved in a lien, judgement, or bankruptcy, you will find out about it right away. Feel safer with Lumbermens Account Monitoring.

Use account monitoring to track the daily credit trends of individual businesses as an early warning system of financial risk. All of this information is delivered directly to your email. Our members also have access to a database of business information through our online portal.

What does account monitoring offer in terms of financial insight?

Account monitoring helps you plan for the future success of your business. If a business you deal with runs into a financial or legal problem, that can quickly become your problem. By tracking the daily changes to any high-risk business, you can forecast the risk and act appropriately. This enables you to take pro-active measures. You are also alerted of any high impact actions, such as a lien, judgement, or bankruptcy.

What businesses require Account Monitoring?

When you are extending credit to a new business, you will want to keep track of its credit changes. You are taking on extra risk, and the best way to mitigate it is by knowing exactly how the business is doing. Likewise, even companies that you have been extending credit to for years — or decades — may now be finding themselves in financial turmoil. The Construction industry is becoming more demanding on construction contractors and suppliers. You need to be the first to know how they are handling their finances.

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Account Monitoring
of Key Accounts

You have access to a list of businesses across Canada with Lumbermens Account Monitoring. Once inside our online portal, you can easily select the businesses you want to monitor daily.

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Get Information
Delivered Daily to Your Inbox

Information changes daily. You should not need to wait to stay informed. You are notified if a company you are monitoring has a lien, judgement, or bankruptcy filed against them.

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Catch Risks Before

Our exclusive partnerships bring our members immediate access to changes. Our partnerships with government agencies across the rest of Canada keep you informed.

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Identify Risks
Before They Happen

Lending to a new business carries risks, but so does construction industry and economic change. Knowing the financial stability of the companies you work with is important to avoid risks to your own.

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Don’t let their risk become your risk

Account monitoring keeps the right information at your fingertips

Whether it is a new company on the market, or a company that you have worked with for decades, you need to know what financial situation they are in. Do not let their risk become your risk with key account monitoring.

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