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Lumbermens can simplify the process of trade credit application – making it much faster and more efficient, taking only a few minutes.

We can help you increase your revenues while minimizing the risk.

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Lumbermens Credit Group

Keep up-to-date with the latest credit risk profile information

Now is the perfect time to find out why our subscribers have been relying on us to provide accurate credit information on businesses across Canada since 1915. Our legacy may be decades old, but our affinity for technology and modernizing the credit industry is not, with our cloud-based credit decisioning platform & software that leverages AI enhanced tools, automation, API capabilities, and a customizable credit risk scoring system from your dashboard. We’ve even included a Collaboration tool within the online application, specifically for subscriber risk data synergy.

Recent global events are creating uncertainty, leading to increased risk for businesses that you extend credit to. Don’t let their credit risk impact your bottom line. You can pull credit reports, monitor accounts, receive monthly lien and legal bulletins, and more. All through our online risk platform, including the ability to customize your risk scoring parameters.

Get the latest construction lien information

Our exclusive partnerships

As a subscriber of Lumbermens, you can take advantage of one of Canada’s largest online credit databases and cloud-based Business Intelligence software. Plus, you receive some of the fastest turn around times for managing credit data on any business in Canada.

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Benefits of Lumbermens Credit Group

Don’t let their credit risk impact your bottom line

Know who you are doing business with

Before entering into business with a new company, it is always important to do your due diligence to ensure that you are properly informed with as much pertinent information as possible.

The credit reporting experts

Our team is comprised of specialized experts to ensure that you receive the information you need to make an informed decision. We also offer our members Legal Collections and Construction Liens across Canada.

Get more than reports

Sometimes things go wrong even with the best possible information. Thanks to our partnerships with law firms, we are able to help our members with collections and construction liens.
Benefits of Lumbermens Credit Group