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You never know when a construction lien has been registered against an existing or potential customer or supplier. We provide a subscription for a Lien & Legal Bulletin tailored specifically for our members. It includes construction lien registrations and legal claims, such as bankruptcies and civil suits. When extending credit, it is important to know the financial status of both the company and the owners.

Why are there Construction Liens and how do they affect my business?

The nature of the construction industry requires that many goods and services are provided on credit. Most of those goods and services provided are then put towards an immovable property so that they cannot be recaptured upon non-payment. In many scenarios, subcontractors and suppliers do not have a contract with the owner of the property where the goods and services are going towards, making it extremely difficult to be compensated. It is under this backdrop that the legislature created Construction Liens as an additional level of protection. Thus, construction liens are meant to be an alternative way of recovering construction debts.

Knowing that a company has construction liens allows your company to avoid potential credit risks. A subscription to our Lien and Legal Bulletin provides you with a comprehensive list on the provinces you work within.

What is a Construction Lien?

A construction lien begins with the supply of labour or materials to an improvement of an immovable property and it expires by the passage of time. In order to extend the passage of time, construction liens must be preserved and then perfected by a law firm. Our Ontario and other provincial Legal Bulletin subscriptions provide you with companies that have not made payments on time. Knowing this information helps you make better financial decisions and avoid creating risky partnerships.

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Our Lien and Legal Bulletin subscriptions send weekly or bi-weekly updates depending on the provinces you have selected. This keeps you constantly in front of liens as they are being placed.

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It’s time to give your fax machine a break. We deliver your bulletin directly to your email inbox.


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Order à la carte or nation-wide. Every business is different, so we offer our members the ability to choose only the provinces they operate in. Our Ontario Lien and Legal Bulletin is delivered weekly.

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We have exclusive partnerships to receive construction lien information long before it is released to other credit reporting groups. Only our members receive data first..

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Stay ahead of risk and know when there is a construction lien placed against a construction site you are working on or supplying materials to. Our exclusive partnerships ensure that you receive the information you need, when you need it.

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